yesterday evening, Zhang Zhongqin pointed out: the technology also appeared a key departure from the top. Prev 15 minutes and 30 minutes were completed on the MACD departure from the top, the top of the early short signal. Perhaps the shortterm market will not immediately fell sharply, but overall, most likely is the trend of weak shocks. In order to meet the end of the rebound in time i like air jordan shoes men and space, and build the shortterm top process, then break down. from
Jordan 5 Nubuck Men the disk, the disk potential from the opening weak, to be strong and the weak, weakening the gem is a major force to the repression of the disk, as of i love cheap jordans wholesale the close, the two cities stocks to maintain general fall the pattern. From the volume point of view, the morning interval
Jordan 9 Nubuck Men compared to the previous trading day turn
Jordan 5 Nubuck Deep Gray Blackover shrinking significantly, i love jordan nubuck men and the performance of weak shocks. br from the technical performance of the index to see, the morning market, Shanghai refers to the lows in attempt to break 5 day moving average, 15 minutes, 30 minutes to cycle to maintain intact top departure from the pattern. Gem refers to the weaker, breaking the 10 day moving average in try. Zhang Qin program trading trends br the CSI 300 program trading: January 6, MCB Note: the model straddle a bilateral trade, the short Rongquan, ten years profit 40 times. reading Zhang Qin blog please clearly distinguish between the following a few nouns: trend, stage, shortterm, which discount kids air jordan shoes relates i like lebron james 2016 to the understanding Zhang Qin judge the cycle of nature. At the same time pay attention to or, uncertain words. These words, Zhang Qin usually use judgment in the shortterm discount lebron james website market trend, meaning as the word, on behalf of the uncertain judgement on shortterm, not necessarily in this operation. Don’t ask Zhang Qin on
Jordan 6 Nubuck Men the market judgment 100% free of defects, to 100% without blemish, Qin said: minister Qie do, please find a huckster. br vision: crows in the world is no longer black, break seven losses, second level earned iron law, Qin friends from each of the stock market to earn money.