yesterday evening, Zhang Zhongqin said: there are two trading days this month, as of Wednesday’s close, the Shanghai index fell 22.71%, while today’s intraday decline of 25.45% this month, has exceeded the 2008 Closing month decline. In this month, the market is likely to challenge the monthly decline in history, not the largest decline in recent years, it will be the second month decline. Look at the online market level, the i like air jordan shoes men market has once again broken discount lebron james website bits, accelerating downward trend. Even today after Fanchou, was unable to change this pattern. from the volume of view, the morning interval transactions continue to shrink significantly, not surprisingly, today, the two cities turnover will refresh the recent lows. On the other hand, the relative should be the performance of small cap stocks, two sto
Mens Jordan 23 Degrees F Browncks has been a state of general, the market continued to shock, showing a weak pattern. br say that periphery, since the beginning of this year, U.S. stocks also i like lebron james 2014 performance instability, the Dow fell more than 1% significantly increased the number, whether this trend of global capital markets is a hint? Worth thinking! Zhang Qin program trading trends br the CSI 300 program trading: January 6, MCB Note: the model straddle a
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