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p in the olden days followed by Ze hee placards a href rel = Kangqiang electronics used 2119, stock it, 80 Ningbo women Qian Xuli had once known in the market. Now, has experienced ups and downs, Ze hee was checked, cattle scattered people who earn about twice the proceeds to start off. p Kangqiang electronics today issued a public notice said, we received yesterday shareholders Qian
Lebron James 10 Kid Xuli and concerted action people Qian Jingguang, Anboly, Sheng light packaging, Ylang Ylang Estee and Hao Hui battery jointly issued to the letter was informed that Sheng light packaging, i love jordan nubuck men Ylang Ylang Estee and Hao Hui battery from March 1 to
Lebron James Low Top Shoes 7 date, the holdings of Hong Keung electronic 241.47 million shares, accounting for the company’s total share capital 1.171%.
Lebron James 10 MYP Women this means that after the completion of the transaction, the total number of Qian Xuli and its concerted action from the total number of shares changed to a total of shares, the shareholding ratio from 6.166% to 4.995% of the total share capital of the company, for the first time fell to less than 5%. p plans for the future. Qian Xuli and concerted action said, w
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Redill depend on the Kangqiang electronics operations and development and the stock of the situation and decide whether discount kids air jordan shoes to continue to reduce stake in Hong Keung electronic. public information, Qian Xuli was born in August 1981, from the residence address is i love cheap jordans wholesale a 80 woman in Ningbo. Qian Jingguang and Wu Zhongjing as husband and wife, Qian Jingguang and Qian Xuli to Qian Jingguang and Qian Wenhai for the relationship between father and daughter, father and son relationship. Anboly, shengguag pack, Yilan Hao Hui and Elsie Qian Xuli, Qian Jingguang battery and Wu Zhongjing investment holding companies. p back its previously holding process, October 27, 2014. Qian Xuli and concerted action completed for Kangqiang electronic first placards. p despite prior to its in the market is not well known, discount lebron james website but from the placards path, the rules of the market is quite familiar with, after repeated operation Kangqiang electronic months, finally to a sum of 4.3 million shares of holdings exactly shareholding ratio control in 5%. p wound and complicated market did not pay attention to the 80, however, Hong Keung electronic next trend is to let the market by surprise, and the Qian Xuli henceforth sit up and take notice. p in the Qian Xuli placards about three months after, Kangqiang Electronics announced the suspension, and in May last year took out a Yongle Film backdoor programs, i like lebron james 2016 after the resumption of Kangqiang electronics is directly connected to pull 12 trading board, calculated to wound up the share price, income of money Xuli rate directly more than 200%. is the market hot is Qian Xuli precise In the view of the familiar A stock investors, Kangqiang electronic backdoor programs can come up with such a wonderful, not unrelated to the participation of Chak hee. p is before the placards Qian Xuli, i like air jordan shoes men Ze hee just completed placards, September 30, 2014, Ze hee by resources Trust amp; middot; Zexi 6 single capital letter

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